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Innovation Glimpse on Smart Phones

What is coming on phones innovation? How phones will look like on one hundred years? It is difficult to know but this is part of the gradual development of ideas that shapes products either by incremental innovation or disruptive innovation ways.

Genrich Altshuller has two concepts that help on the innovation of products:

1)      Increasing the degree of Ideality and

2)      The law of technical evolution

Increasing the degree of ideality concept, phone design speaking started with the complexity of connecting others, the phones turned from old manual switch boards to modern connection servers that interconnect others flawless no matter where you are, must of the time. Other degree of ideality may be the dialing, it passed from the endless time to dial a number to the actual digital dials or voice recognition, and finally but not last the most dramatic change on phones was mobility turning the phones from fixed home phones to mobile phones, well known as cell phones, this is the flavor of how degree of ideality works.

The other concept of law of technical evolution comes on other different innovative strategies, such as:

1)      Life cycle of technical system

2)      Dynamization

3)      Transition to bi to poly system

4)      Uneven development of system

5)      Synchronization

6)      Scaling up or down

7)      Transition from macro to micro level

8)      Replacement of humans

Phones design is still shaped by Altshuller low of technical evolution, the sin qua none of phone design is the life of technical system, where endless design cycles are defined by introduction of features that cycles the design until a new one comes up, and actual example is the rapid market penetration of smart phone on the market once that Blackberry step into with this innovation, and recently Apple and Samsung dispute the supremacy.

Where the phone design ends up? Short term there is an ambitious concept called Google Glass that trays to pack the entire smart phone capabilities into glasses either for sun protection or prescription, it may take few years to figure out if technology is ready for this kind of miniaturization. Finally but not last new Total Recall movie gives us a glimpse of future phone designs, where Collin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale unveils phones under our hand skin, when we would have such phones? We should ask Ray Kurzweil, but the movie gives an idea, where we see no Lincoln, Washington or Franklin on the future currency but Obama, meaning potentially 200 years from now where the movie takes place on the future.

Are you aware of another glimpse of future innovation on phone designs?  Where you aware of increasing ideality and law of technical evolution concepts? Let us know, your opinion is always welcome.


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