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Innovators Manifest       

Our minds are destiny to novelty otherwise is conformism, there is nothing wrong with it, but we can push ourselves to achieve greater tasks that demand compromise with a cause of our own. Those who embrace the challenge become creative minds, innovative subjects, innovators, willing to excel on their task with the reward of a problem solved.

Innovators never give up and bravely accept the challenge, knowing that will succeed on their enterprise or at least show the way for others to succeed. Problems are an endless front, that is why we must be prepared at any time to embrace the challenge.

Innovators and creative minds are elected for the most important task, where conformist are set aside to let the other build the way.

Conformist has the choice to awake and understand they can also be part of the challenge; there is not small or bigger challenge, as a child all of us started crawling and end up running at some point of our lives, so there is not a rush.

Creativity and Innovation is a novel task that results on a better live for all of us, because we are destine to change, because nothing last forever and we must be ready to find other ways to prevail.

Everything has a time to pass including or home planet which sooner or later it will fade away by the flames of our dying start but before that happens we must find the way to a new home, for now we have other mundane task to achieve to make our home a better place for our childs.

I encourage you to unveil your eyes and find out a challenge or your own, reward may come or not, but the fact is that every step forward is better that step backward to find your place on your job, enterprise or home, do not be afraid of failure because such failure does not exist, there is just better ways to achieve.

Once you find out that there is nothing can stop you then you are welcome to the team of creative and innovator folks, usually called trouble makers, who we want to change the world by solving one problem at time, welcome to the team.

 Dedicated to Garret John Loporto



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