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Innovators, personalities and electrocuted elephants

Innovators, personalities and electrocuted elephants

Recently was issued an article about the personalities that innovators must goldsmith to create ideas, create value out of them, execute a plan to make those ideas tangible and commercialize them successfully.  Dr. Shankar Venugopal is the author of the article called “Four Faces of an Innovator” and ensures that the creation of valuable innovation requires individuals to hone the following personalities:


1)      Innovators must focus on knowledge to create valuable ideas.

2)      Innovators must be strategic thinkers to take the idea to customers.

3)      Innovators must focus on execution to make the idea to happen.

4)      Innovators must be money makers to successfully achieve on the market.


Well the idea is interesting but I doubt that an innovator can manage such amount of personalities in his own persona even if he tries one at the time. The last time that I read about an idea of adopt different types of thinking was the six hats of Edward de Bono where he suggests that a problem must be solved thinking in:


1)      White Hat, focus on facts and figures

2)      Red Hat, focus on emotions and feelings

3)      Black Hat, cautions and careful

4)      Yellow Hat, speculative-positive

5)      Green Hat, creativity thinking

6)      Blue Hat, control of thinking.

 Taking advantage of the DeBono’s six hats, and wearing the red hat, what troubles me about the idea to embrace different personalities is that there is too much to swallow by a single person, even if we ignore that normally we hold a single personality, unless you are bi polar, if we take the example of Steve Jobs work, we can agreed that the ideas and the strategic thinking came from Jobs, however execution of ideas came from others, like Jonathan Ive, and the money maker at the end perhaps materialized on Tim Cook.


My personal feeling is that an innovator undeniable role of create ideas and strategically wait for the correct moment to put them on the table is his predominant role, however the goldsmith of the ideas and the tracking of the market of such ideas not necessarily is 100% role of the innovator, however the enterprise most embrace all of them with no doubt.


Finally Dr Shankar makes a remark: “Tesla’s great idea of connecting the world (wireless) got killed because his financier could not figure out how to make money out of it”  what I believe really killed Nikola Tesla innovations was his spooky technology and the fact that Edison, his most gentleness opponent, used to electrocute elephants on public with Tesla’s AC power technology, that menaced DC’s Edison power, even nowadays Testla’s ideas to wireless energy still on development, Jim Schauesler, senior technical marketing manager for portable products from Palm incorporated presented on CES 2007 a prototype to wireless power by magnetic coupling to charge cell phones, and quoted “But we see this as a long adoption cycle, on the order of 5 to 10 years” Was Tesla’s issue an financer flaw or just Tesla’s ideas were ahead of time?


My conclusion, innovators cannot swallow all! Barely can chew our own thoughts and put them together to change the world!




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25 Jun

Innovacion y Atracción

Innovacion y Atracción

Alguien me comentaba que esto de la innovacion es muy interesante, y lo es por el simple hecho de pensar en que hay tantas cosas que están ahí pendientes por mejorar, problemas por resolver, enigmas que desentrañar, cosas que crear etc., sin embargo de todo esto lo más curioso es que la creatividad y la innovacion inician con una idea que puede llegar de la manera más inesperada, y esa sola idea puede terminar con paradigmas que pueden cambiar las cosas sustancialmente:

  1. Steve Jobs (USA) se propuso a cambiar el mundo a través de computadoras personales.
  2. Miguel de Icaza (México) se propuso a desafiar los monopolios de software y promover el uso de software libre.
  3. Genrich Altzhuller (URSS) se propuso a desarrollar técnicas para la solución de problemas de innovacion a través del estudio de la creatividad humana.
  4. Edward de Bono (Malta) se imaginó una manera de pensar diferente, del pensamiento vertical al pensamiento horizontal.

Sin embargo aquí el punto de interés es el “llamado”, es decir cuando imaginas una idea ¿Estás preparado para llevarla a cabo? Rita Tonelli escribe un artículo llamado “La creatividad está esperando tu llamado” acerca de la sutil mezcla del poder de la atracción sustentado por la Ontología con la idea inicial que es fundamental para resolver un problema a través de la creatividad y la innovacion, preguntando ¿Estás preparado para el “llamado”?, y sigue ¿Has hecho el llamado en sí? No tengo mente prodigiosa para recordar en este momento al autor del dicho: si te propones a algo el universo mismo conspira para lograrlo, no puede existir mas adecuada expresión que esta para evocar dicho «llamado», sobre todo porque es absolutamente acertada.

En esta ocacion mi conclusion es que existe un mundo ilimitado de posibilidades frente al dilema de resolver un problema, desde la ineptitud de no hacer nada, hasta el coraje de iniciar un proyecto de innovacion para encontrar una solución viable. La verdad es que si te propones a resolver un problema existe la posibilidad que realmente encuentres la respuesta, el problema es ¿Estás realmente preparado para el reto?  El no hacerlo te puede llevar a perder una valiosa oportunidad.

¿Has tenido esa idea creativa a las 2:00 AM cuando no puedes dormir? ¿Has llevado tu idea a la realidad? Haznos saber tus comentarios nos son de utilidad.


Tonelli, Rita “La Creatividad está esperando tu llamado parte 1” http://escuelapararicos.net/la-creatividad-esta-esperando-tu-llamado/

21 Feb

Think Out of The Box

Think Out of The Box

Think Out of the Box

Think Out of the Box as strategy to overcome paradigms

We need to think out of the box! use to say my best mentor ever, when we were facing complex problems on the manufacturing of automotive micro electronics and we needed non-Orthodox solutions, but what exactly means Think out of the Box? Few years ago I found my answer on an unexpected item, in a drawing my daughter draw in her painting classes when she was a child.  On her crayon drawing she drew a fish tank or a fishbowl, but what about that? What is so special about it and what it has to do with thinking out of the box? If we take a closer look we will see that this fish tank has two storeys and she provided to the fishes a door between storeys! I never considered a fish tank with storeys neither fishes may need doors to cross between them, so she thought totally out of the box!

It is evident that a child has very few paradigms, to become aware that fishes do not need doors and that there are not storeys on the ocean, rivers or lagoons, but she did not care and she let her creativity loose while painting this interesting fish tank, that by the way is one of my treasures that I keep from my daughter childhood and I have the proud to share it to you on this blog entry.

Think out of the box is left behind our paradigms, Edward DeBono (1970) propose provocations to put aside our paradigms, associating or connecting random words with ideas may help us to find creative solutions to problems we are facing, and these ideas may lead to unexpected results. These provocations are very well described on DeBono’s Lateral Thinking Book, he indicates that people use to think vertical, meaning building up ideas within their paradigms, then provocations lead us to think lateral, thinking lateral allow us to have fish tanks with storeys and doors to help fishes to transit between them just like my daughter did. 

DeBono said that thinking out of the box lead us to generate unusual ideas that changes concepts, perceptions and rules resulting in fresh creativity. At the end the concept of thinking out of box must be part of or language on the creative and innovation enterprise path in order to take apart our paradigms in the generation of new ideas that could lead to creative and innovative solutions to our problems, so then I invite you to Think out of the Box!  

Have you thought out of the box recently? Do you feel free to think out of the box at work? Please share your experiences, your feedback in important.


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  2. De Bono Edward “On Creativity Thinking” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjSjZOjNIJg December 2006.
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